Unpaid internships and living costs ‘prevent’ social mobility

Sutton Trust latest research on internships is covered by the BBC

Unpaid internships, combined with rising living costs, are shutting less-advantaged youngsters out of many careers, a social mobility study says.

The Sutton Trust estimates that 40% of 70,000 internships undertaken annually are unpaid – but young workers need a minimum of £1,019 per month to live in London and £827 in Manchester.

It has backed cross-party calls to ban unpaid internships over a month long.

The CBI said internships “boost” young people but that jobs “should be paid”.

The study estimates that an intern wanting to fulfil a six-month internship in London would need a budget of £6,114 in London for living costs. A counterpart in Manchester would require £4,965.


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