Theatre is snobbish and parochial, say Erica Whyman and Rufus Norris

David Sanderson cites the Sutton Trust’s Leading People 2016 research in an article for the Times.

Two of the country’s leading theatre directors have criticised their industry for being snobbish and a closed shop.

Erica Whyman, deputy artistic director at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), said that although the theatre industry claimed to be interested in class it did not want to employ people whose career had not been in London. “We as an industry can be terrible snobs,” she said.

Rufus Norris, 54, artistic director at the National Theatre, said that the theatre world liked to think of itself as “very liberal and open-minded” but the reality was that it was a “closed shop in lots of ways”.

The comments, in a book based on interviews with artistic directors, come after years of industry leaders claiming credit for increasing diversity in productions.


A report three years ago by the Sutton Trust found that over 40 per cent of leading British actors, actresses and directors had been privately educated.


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