Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj covers the Sutton Trust’s Elitist Britain 2019 research in an article for Forbes.

A report on power and influence in the U.K. identifies what many have suspected for a long time; individuals holding leadership positions are likely to be educated in independent schools and hold coupled with Oxbridge degrees. The results are predictable for the government, public sector, and business yet more surprising results for sport, music, and media. The Sutton Trust, an education think tank focusing on social mobility, collaborated with the Social Mobility Commission to report on the education composition of leadership across different sectors in the U.K. and published these findings in a report titled Elitist Britain.

The report identifies that 39% of leaders in the U.K. attended private schools compared to 7% of the national average enrolled in private education.

The differences across sectors vary considerably from 65% in the public sector to 27% in the FTSE 350. In terms of university education, the range of leadership who are Oxbridge educated range from 71% of in the public service to 27% in business, FTSE 350 CEOs.

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