Stuck as poor for 150 years

Sutton Trust Founder, Sir Peter Lampl, is quoted by Lynn Davidson in article on latest OECD report for the Sun.

Britain’s social mobility is so entrenched it would now take a staggering five generations for a poor family to earn an average income, a global study declared yesterday.

The OECD economic think tank claimed anyone born before 1975 had much more chance of climbing the ladder compared with adults in the 1990s.

The international study A Broken Social Elevator? found the highest earners are making more and hoarding wealth for the next generation.

But those at the bottom of the ladder are finding it increasingly difficult to help their families catch up.


Sir Peter Lampl of the Sutton Trust social mobility charity, said the “depressing new findings should be a wake-up call.”

He added: “Amongst other things we need to find ways to attract and develop the best teachers to help those pupils most in need of support and look at ways to ensure that admissions to the best schools aren’t limited to those who can afford to live close by.”


Read the full story or the Sutton Trust full response to OECD report.

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