Scottish Government backs call for universities to drop entry grades for poorer students

Chris Green mentions Sir Peter Scott’s report on access to higher education, where Sutton Trust research is cited, in iNews.

In his first annual report in December, Professor Sir Peter Scott said universities should see each person’s application as “contextual” and take into account their background.

The document cited research by the Sutton Trust showing that reducing entry standards by two grades could lead to a 50 per cent rise in applicants who were formerly eligible for free school meals.

“Making lower offers to applicants from deprived backgrounds is not ‘dumbing down’ entry standards,” Sir Peter’s report argued. “Not all applicants have the same advantages, in terms of family support or school experience. Making the same offer to everyone is not only unfair; it fails to identify students with the greatest potential.

“Universities need to make much bolder use of contextual admissions.”


Read the full article.

Read Sutton Trust research on contextual admissions.



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