Schools paying teachers out of fund for poor students

Camilla Turner covers the Sutton Trust’s school funding and pupil premium survey in the Daily Telegraph.

Schools are spending money set aside for their poorest pupils to pay teacher salaries, a survey has found.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of secondary school head teachers and 22 per cent of primary heads admitted using their pupil premium fund to “plug gaps” in their budget, according to a poll of teachers.

Of these, most said they used the extra funds – which are designated for boosting the attainment of children from deprived backgrounds – to pay for teachers and teaching assistants.

Head teachers in the most deprived schools were twice as likely to report using their pupil premium money to plug budget gaps as their colleagues in the least deprived, analysis by the Sutton Trust, a foundation that aims to reduce educational inequality, found. The premium grant is an extra source of government funding for state schools, which is allocated according to the number of children enrolled who are from disadvantaged families.

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