Most of Scotland’s best state schools ‘in the 20 per cent wealthiest areas’

Simon Johnson covers the Sutton Trust’s Selective Comprehensives Great Britain research, quoting Sir Peter Lampl on the findings in an article for the Telegraph.

More than half of Scotland’s best state schools are sited in the wealthiest communities, according to a report warning the concentration is “more pronounced” than in England or Wales.

The Sutton Trust found that 54 per cent of Scotland’s top-performing schools are in the richest 20 per cent of areas, compared to 45 per cent south of the Border.

This means the majority of the 70 best Scottish schools “are concentrated at the top of the socio-economic spectrum”, its report said, amid low levels of social mobility for those from deprived families.

Sir Peter Lampl, the educational charity’s chairman, said “the bottom line” was that Scottish children’s life chances depend on whether their parents could afford a home in the catchment area of a good school.


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