James Moore cites figures from the Sutton Trust’s report Elitist Britain 2019 in a piece for the Independent.

“Cambridge says it is working hard to improve the diversity of its students. But the fact that nearly a third of them come from a privileged 7 per cent of the country’s schoolchildren shows it is still serving to reinforce those bulwarks.The Sutton Trust, which champions social mobility, does speak well of some of its efforts (the two organisations have been working together) but they are at best chipping away at the problem when, really, those bulwarks need tearing down. The trust’s figures demonstrate a clear need for further action. Business, politics, the media, the civil service; all have a disproportionate number of privately educated individuals in their senior echelons.

Some 65 per cent of senior judges went to independent schools, 59 per pent of civil service permanent secretaries did the same, as did 57 per cent of the House of Lords, 57 per cent of the Sunday Times Rich List and 48 per cent of FTSE 350 CEOs (excluding those educated internationally). Some 15 and 14 per cent of the latter two, respectively, had been to Oxbridge compared to less than 1 per cent of the population overall”.

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