How private schools ‘give pupils skills to succeed’

Eleanor Harding quoted our Leading People research in a Daily Mail news story.

High-flying professions are dominated by people who went to public schools because they provide the ‘soft skills’ that many state schools ignore, a leading expert said last night. Former head of Wellington College Sir Anthony Seldon said independent schools nurture the teamwork, leadership and character traits which are vital for success in the professional world. He warned that by contrast, state schools focus too much on league tables and deliver an education which is ‘narrow, dull and repetitive’.


It comes after a report by the Sutton Trust found many areas of public life are still overwhelmingly dominated by people who went to private schools. Around 42 per cent of British Bafta winners went to an independent school, while among the UK’s top judges it was 75 per cent and among top military personnel it was 71 per cent.

Read her full report here


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