Head likens criticism of private schools to antisemitic abuse

Jamie Doward cites the Sutton Trust’s Access to Advantage research in an article on Oxbridge admissions for the Observer.

The headteacher of a UK public school is under fire for likening criticism of the private education sector to antisemitic abuse.

Anthony Wallersteiner, of the £12,000-a-term Stowe school in Buckinghamshire, also said a decline in the number of non-state school Oxbridge admissions had left some parents making claims about “social engineering”.

He told the Times: “The rise of populists and polemicists has created a micro-industry in bashing private schools.”


Analysis by the Sutton Trust, a social mobility charity, published in December showed that eight private schools sent 1,310 pupils to Oxbridge over three years, while 2,894 other schools sent 1,220 students between them over the same period.


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