Groups applying to open fully selective faith schools with government funding revealed

Eleanor Busby quotes Sutton Trust CEO James Turner on selective faith schools in an article for the Independent.

The groups applying for government funding to create new faith schools that can select 100 per cent of their pupils on the basis of religion have been unveiled in the face of opposition from unions and secular campaigners.


It comes after a report from social mobility charity Sutton Trust called on top faith schools that are “socially selective” to admit more poorer pupils from local areas to ensure they are “fairer”.

James Turner, chief executive of the group, said: “Our research has found that leading faith schools are among the most socially selective group of schools compared to their local areas.

“Part of this is because many of them have complicated oversubscription criteria that middle-class parents are better able to navigate.”

He added: “Lifting the restrictions on the proportion of pupils that new faith schools can select on the basis of faith is unlikely to address this social selectivity and could make matters worse.”


Get the story or read our research on the social selectivity of Great Britain’s top comprehensives.

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