Nicola Woolcock cites the Sutton Trust’s Elitist Britain 2019 research in an article for the Times on private school places.

An independent school head said there was too much handwringing and not enough action over privately educated alumni dominating the professions.

Fee-charging schools should reserve 10 per cent of sixth-form places for the poorest children, according to Richard Russell, head of Colfe’s School in south London. Too many give discounts to middle-class families rather than targeting bursaries at genuinely disadvantaged children, he added.

A report by the Sutton Trust showed that privately educated employees made up almost two fifths of those in leading professions. It analysed the educational background of more than 5,000 senior people in 37 categories including politics, business, the media, civil servants and the creative industries.

It found 65 per cent of senior judges were privately educated, 59 per cent of civil service permanent secretaries, 57 per cent of the House of Lords and 52 per cent of diplomats.


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