‘Social Mobility and its Enemies’, co-written by Dr Lee Elliot Major, CEO of the Sutton Trust and Professor Stephen Machin is published by Penguin today.

“Social mobility tells us how likely we are to climb up (or fall down) the economic or social ladder of life. And whilst some people are upwardly and downwardly mobile, too many of us are destined to end up on the same rungs occupied by our parents”.

Social Mobility and its Enemies looks at the impact of decreasing levels of social mobility, the importance of education in improving outcomes, and asks why, increasingly so, is it the case that where we’re from determines our future life chances.

The authors analyse the current picture of social mobility in Britain, as well as how we compare internationally and what we can learn from the countries and regions that are succeeding in improving their levels of social mobility.

You can buy the book here.