ITV News covers the Sutton Trust’s University Aspirations 2019 polling and quotes Sir Peter Lampl on the results.

Confidence and connections are the keys to success in life, according to a poll of young people.

It suggests that secondary school pupils place more importance on these attributes than going to university.

Youngsters from poorer families are less likely to feel that getting a degree is vital than their richer classmates, the Sutton Trust survey found.


Sir Peter Lampl, Sutton Trust founder and chairman, said: “It’s no surprise that young people have doubts about the importance of higher education. Young people face a dilemma.

“If they go on to university, they incur debts of over £50,000 and will be paying back their loans well into middle age. And in many cases they will end up with degrees that don’t get them into graduate jobs.

“Young people need better advice and guidance on where different degrees and apprenticeships could lead them, so they can make the right decision regarding their future.”


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