When we grow up we want to be… employed!

Laura Craik cites the Sutton Trust’s Private Tuition Polling 2018 in an article for the Daily Mail.

There comes a time in every parent’s life when their child will turn to them and ask the one loaded question that makes them want to reach for the whisky, even if it’s 11am. No, not ‘Where do babies come from?’ – far more fraught than that. In 2019, the most ticklish question of all is ‘What career should I choose?’

Obviously, if your child is three with aspirations to be a firefighter, then that’s fine. Or is it? Wait…won’t fires be put out by robots in the future? How soon is too soon to discourage him or her from a career with looming obsolescence? My elder daughter is 12 and keen to be a journalist like Mum. I love my career, and she can see that, but it was very different when I embarked upon it in the 90s. The internet was in its nascence and newspapers and magazines were in rude health. Journalism is a rewarding job – but is it future-proof?


Presumably, similar worries are contributing to a marked rise in home-schooling. According to the Department for Education, the number of home-schooled children in Britain has risen by 20 per cent in the past 18 months to around 45,000. However, as part of government strategy, all state secondary schools have been required to appoint a ‘careers leader’ to link curriculum learning to jobs.

Meanwhile, rising numbers of wealthy parents are eschewing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ education for an approach that’s more tailored to their child. A 2016 report by The Sutton Trust found that 42 per cent of state-educated children in London had received private tuition (as compared to 25 per cent elsewhere in England and Wales), which explains why bespoke tutoring services are flourishing, despite fees that can cost up to £60 an hour. Exclusive tutoring service Golden Circle, which charges £35,000 a year for full-time tuition, caters to the mega-rich by offering a curriculum that can include anything from cryptocurrency to jujitsu.


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