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Rob Davies and Elena Creci cited Sutton Trust research in a Guardian news feature on internships Wanted: an undergraduate to take a full-time position with a major international fashion retailer. The job will last for a year. The pay? Zero. This fantastic opportunity, doubtless available only to those with independent means, wealthy parents and access… Read more »

Our Chief Executive, Lee Elliot Major, is quoted in the Guardian’s coverage of Justine Greening’s speech on grammar schools.   The education secretary, Justine Greening, has denied that the government is ignoring the poorest families in Theresa May’s drive for a new wave of grammar schools, after setting out a focus on “ordinary working families”… Read more »

The Guardian’s Helena Pozniak cites findings from our Leading People 2016 report. Jeremy Irons never went to university but he rather wishes he had. As one of the UK’s most distinguished actors, he’s forever associated with academia – a legacy of his breakthrough role as the Oxford student Charles Ryder in the acclaimed 1981 ITV… Read more »

The Guardian’s Jessica Elgot’s cites findings from the Class ceiling report, the APPG on Social Mobility report. MPs have called for a ban on unpaid internships, which they say unfairly penalise working-class young people who cannot spend long periods of time working for free to get into their chosen career. More employers should also consider… Read more »

Emine Saner highlighted Sutton Trust research on private tuition in a Guardian piece on the North-South education divide Blame the parents. According to Anne Longfield, the children’s commissioner, one reason that there is a gap in educational attainment between teenagers in the north and the south is because northern parents are not as pushy as… Read more »

Guardian columnist Tim Lott cites findings from our Class Differences report. There has been another report – this time from the Sutton Trust – showing that white working-class children are underperforming in schools. This is a long-established tendency. Nearly all ethnic minority groups do better. This includes black African, Chinese and Bangladeshi children. We are… Read more »

Richard Adams reported on our Oxbridge teachers’ polling for The Guardian Oxbridge is struggling to overcome stereotypes of elitism and private school dominance even after a decade of well-funded outreach to state schools, according to a survey of schoolteachers. The Sutton Trust found that more than 40% of state secondary school teachers rarely or never… Read more »

Sharp rise in children receiving private tuition

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The Guardian’s Sally Weale cites findings from our Shadow Schooling report. The private tuition industry is booming, with the proportion of pupils paying for a tutor to help with school work or grammar school entrance exams up by a third, according to new research. More than 40% of pupils in London have a private tutor… Read more »