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Our Chief Executive, Lee Elliot Major, writes in the TES on social selection at top comprehensive schools. Social selection at our top-performing secondary schools manifests itself in myriad ways. Poorer pupils can be priced out of the catchment areas of popular comprehensives because local houses can cost as much as £45,700 more than those nearby…. Read more »

Charlotte Santry at the TES covers the Sutton Trust’s response to proposals for the new National Funding Formula. The government’s proposed national funding formula for schools fails to recognise the “double disadvantage” faced by pupils from poor homes in deprived neighbourhoods, according to the Sutton Trust and the Education Endowment Foundation. In a joint submission to… Read more »

TES cites our chief executive Lee Major on the damaging effects of any decline in primary outreach. The majority of grammars will be forced to abandon or curtail their work with disadvantaged primary school pupils if the government’s funding proposals go ahead, the Grammar School Heads’ Association (GSHA) has warned. The organisation said selective schools… Read more »

Our Chief Executive, Lee Elliot Major, provides a social mobility angle to the recent election of Donald Trump as US President, and cites findings from our Class differences: Ethnicity and disadvantage report. Over two-thirds of white people without a college degree voted for Donald Trump, proving that education has not been the great leveller of… Read more »

Our Chief Executive, Dr Lee Elliot Major, wrote for the TES about the GCSE results and the implications for young people who fail to make the basic benchmark grades. A good pass in the core subjects is treated by employers as the bare minimum for even the most junior positions. So how do we help those… Read more »

Times Education Supplement’s Eleanor Busby speaks to the Sutton Trust about our position on Grammar Schools. The UK’s leading social mobility charity has responded to government plans for more grammar schools by calling for a national drive to improve education for “highly able” pupils in comprehensives. In reports yesterday, which Downing Street has not denied, it emerged that… Read more »

Ofsted chair David Hoare’s controversial comments may have attracted coverage, but both he and the media fail to understand what is going on in the island’s school system. Some ill-judged remarks may mask the real issues and prevent support and assistance. Reports of Ofsted chair David Hoare’s comments to the Teach First conference have already… Read more »

Kaye Wiggins cites our Changing the subject research. Even schools that have most enthusiastically embraced the government’s English Baccalaureate (EBacc) measure do not support the government’s view that it should be taken by for the vast majority of pupils, according to a new Sutton Trust report. The social mobility charity is calling on ministers to reconsider a policy that would require… Read more »

Adi Bloom reports on our pupil premium polling. An increasing number of schools are using their funding for disadvantaged pupils to pay for essentials elsewhere, a new poll has found. The survey of 1,607 teachers reveals that 6 per cent of teachers reported this as the main priority for their school’s pupil-premium spending, an increase of 300… Read more »

Kevin Stannard cited Sutton Trust research on teaching practice in the Times Educational Supplement. All too often this “pedagogical praxis” is missed when we discuss the make-up of top teaching practice, writes one leading educationist. Research suggests that there are three dimensions to great teaching: who the teacher is, what the teacher knows, and how the… Read more »