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BBC News quotes our Chairman, Sir Peter Lampl, on university applications Teenagers’ likelihood of applying to university depends heavily on where they live, according to new figures. The study, by the Press Association (PA) news agency, showed London had the highest application rate of 47%, while the South West had the lowest at 32%. It… Read more »

Education report card makes grim reading

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BBC News’ Brian Taylor cites findings from our Global Gaps report. In theatre and politics, atmosphere is all. In both scenarios, said atmosphere is commonly amplified by the onlookers. In Greek drama, the chorus keep us right. Turn to Bertolt Brecht and such action as there is will be regularly interrupted by a dose of… Read more »

BBC News cites findings from our Global Gaps report. Nicola Sturgeon has defended her government’s record on education after a report raised concerns about the attainment gap in Scottish schools. The new analysis by the Sutton Trust identified “major weaknesses” in performance in sciences in particular. Opposition leaders described the report as “shameful” and blamed… Read more »

BBC News reports on findings from our Global Gaps report. Clever pupils from poorer homes in the UK are lagging behind their as able but better-off peers in maths, science and reading, analysis finds. The Sutton Trust research finds the attainment gaps within the most able 10% of pupils are even bigger for girls than… Read more »

BBC News’ Judith Burns cites findings from our Gaps in Grammar report. “There is a strong indication that families on below average earnings are not being helped by the current grammar school system,” said the Sutton Trust. Grammar schools in England should not expand until the government can ensure fair admissions, the charity argues. Ministers… Read more »

BBC News online reported on our analysis of the background of Team GB Olympic medallists The proportion of Team GB medal winners who were state-school educated has grown since London 2012, says an education charity. Just under a third (32%) of Team GB’s medal winners went to private school, down from 36% four years ago,… Read more »

BBC News citing comment from Chief Executive, Lee Elliot-Major, that there is a deep divide in education in Wales. There is a “deep divide” between the types of students in Wales who apply for university and those that do not, an educational charity has said. Welsh students from poor backgrounds are almost three times less likely to… Read more »

Sean Coughlan cites Sir Peter Lampl’s response to yesterday’s announcement from Jo Johnson confirming a rise in University tuition fees. University tuition fees in England will rise to £9,250 per year from 2017 and the increase could apply to students who have already started courses. Universities minister Jo Johnson has published a statement setting out plans… Read more »

BBC News citing our Private tuition polling 2015. All self-employed tutors should be legally required to have a criminal records check before they can offer private lessons to children in the UK, children’s charity the NSPCC says. A current loophole means self-employed tutors do not have to undergo Disclosure and Barring Service checks. The NSPCC… Read more »

Judith Burns reports on our pupil premium polling. A small but rising number of schools in England are diverting money meant for disadvantaged pupils to offset budget cuts, says an education charity. Of 1,600 teachers polled for Sutton Trust in March, 6% said pupil premium money was used to offset budget cuts, compared with 2%… Read more »