Pupil Premium Summit

About the Summit

The Pupil Premium Summit, jointly organised by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Sutton Trust, brought together leading policy-makers, academics and the teaching profession on 1 July 2015 to discuss how best to improve attainment for disadvantaged pupils, closing the gap between them and their peers.

The summit discussed what lessons could be learnt from the first five years of the Pupil Premium, what practical difference had additional funding made to schools to date, and discussed evidence of how the Pupil Premium can be most effectively used to benefit disadvantaged pupils in the future.

Featured Speakers

Nicky Morgan MP
Nicky Morgan MPSecretary of State for Education
Sir John Dunford
Sir John DunfordNational Pupil Premium Champion
Sir Michael Wilshaw
Sir Michael WilshawChief Inspector of Schools in England, Ofsted
Brian Lightman
Brian LightmanGeneral Secretary, ASCL
David Hall
David HallTrustee, Education Endowment Foundation
Russell Hobby
Russell HobbyGeneral Secretary, NAHT
Clare de Sausmarez
Clare de SausmarezHeadteacher, Federation of Belle Vue Infant and Newport Junior Schools
Steve Higgins
Steve HigginsProfessor of Education, Durham University
Becky Allen
Becky AllenDirector, Education Datalab
Tim Leunig
Tim LeunigChief Scientific Adviser and Chief Analyst, Department for Education
John Tomsett
John TomsettHeadteacher, Huntington School
Dame Sharon Hollows
Dame Sharon HollowsHeadteacher, Charter Academy

Presentations and Reports

Photos and Videos from the Summit

Media Coverage

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Poor white families feel ‘abandoned’, says Wilshaw (Sean Coughlan, BBC News)

Ofsted head says ‘feckless’ parents should be fined if they don’t support schools (Louis Dore, The Independent)

“Feckless” parents should be shamed if they fail to turn up for parents’ evening, head of Ofsted says (Javier Espinoza, Telegraph)

Head teachers should have the power to FINE ‘feckless’ parents (Eleanor Harding, Daily Mail)

Majority of schools risk ‘diluting’ pupil premium benefit, says watchdog (Helen Ward, TES)

Sir Michael Wilshaw: Let headteachers fine ‘feckless’ parents (Kaye Wiggins, TES)

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The summit was also covered in The Sun.

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