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Sutton Trust Chief Executive Dr Lee Elliot Major, speaking at the University of York, explored how low social mobility and lack of educational opportunity affect talented children from poorer backgrounds, in a public lecture hosted by the Department and RCSS. The lecture focused on the role of education in improving social mobility, and preventing the… Read more »

All tan, tailoring, big red ties, hollered greetings and firm handshakes, Sir Peter Lampl cuts an unusual figure in the corduroy world of British education, the arena he entered 15 years ago to fill his busy retirement. The former private equity executive greets me with a hoot: “Chris! How you doin’?” Read the full article here (£).

Peter Lampl is an unlikely class warrior. A former private equity dealmaker and colleague of Mitt Romney, Lampl, 66, lives in London’s fashionable Chelsea district and owns homes in New York and Florida. Yet through his Sutton Trust charity, he’s challenging Britain’s class system that sustains one of the industrialized world’s lowest rates of social… Read more »


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Report speaks to Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust and the Education Endowment Foundation, about his views of and vision for education, writes Charlotte Tamvakis for Report, the Magazine for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers. “I come from the business world, I was a business entrepreneur, and I had a view of… Read more »

Big spender – The Guardian

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If you had plenty of spare cash and wanted to help children, what would you do with it? Introducing a new interview series in 2007, Peter Wilby talked to philanthropist Sir Peter Lampl for the Guardian. Read the full article here.