Laura Bruce

Reflecting on Pathways to the Professions

As students go back to school and applications open for our Pathways to the Professions programmes, Director of Programmes Laura Bruce reflects on why Pathways was setup and the barriers it seeks to break down

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Moving the dial on contextual admissions

Laura Bruce, Head of Programmes and Carl Cullinane, Acting Head of Research and Policy pick out three key issues preventing contextual admissions – giving low-income pupils a grade-break - from delivering on fair access.

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More data, better impact

As we release our first ‘Student Destinations’ report, Acting Head of Programmes Laura Bruce reminds us why evidence-based programmes are crucial to successful outreach.

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Yellow backpacks go Stateside

Laura Bruce, Acting Head of Programmes, and Emma Legg, Trust Administrator, share their photo diary from this year’s US Programme summer residential.

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The promise of Summer Schools

Laura Bruce, Programmes Manager at the Trust, talks us through her connection to Summer Schools after participating as a Summer School Ambassador at the University of Nottingham.

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Support to support

Laura Bruce, Programmes Manager at the Trust, explores what we’re doing to support teachers to support their pupils.

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