John O'Leary

The Vocational Challenge

Tens of thousands of teenagers are denying themselves the opportunity of studying at the top universities by taking vocational courses in the sixth-form or at college, Mary Curnock-Cook, the chief executive of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, told the Sutton Trust summit. John O'Leary reports.

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The Access Gap

John O'Leary looks at the key findings of Dr John Jerrim's report 'Family background and access to high status universities', which is being presented at the Sutton Trust Advancing Access and Admissions Summit today.

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Success matters as much as access

Success is as important as access in broadening the composition of the student body at the leading universities, the Sutton Trust summit heard this afternoon, writes John O'Leary.

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Access issues stradle the Atlanic

Postgraduate courses have become the Government’s top priority in widening access to higher education, Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, told delegates at the Sutton Trust’s summit on admissions to the leading universities.

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