Carl Cullinane

Moving the dial on contextual admissions

Laura Bruce, Head of Programmes and Carl Cullinane, Acting Head of Research and Policy pick out three key issues preventing contextual admissions – giving low-income pupils a grade-break - from delivering on fair access.

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Culture Club

Acting Head of Research and Policy Carl Cullinane unpicks the findings of our latest report, Parent Power, and how cultural capital can make a difference to a child's education.

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Beyond expectations

Acting Head of Research and Policy Carl Cullinane unpicks the trends from today's new polling released on A level results day.

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Best in Class 2018 Blog

Research Manager Carl Cullinane reports on key discussion points from the Best in Class 2018 summit hosted in partnership with Carnegie Corporation.

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Aspirations and access

Carl Cullinane on what this week’s new Sutton Trust/Ipsos MORI polling of school pupils could tell us about future university access.

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Academy Advancement?

Carl Cullinane considers the lessons from the fourth Chain Effects report on sponsored academies, arguing more needs to be done to make them agents of social change.

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