Carl Cullinane

Tackling the ‘shadow education system’

Associate Director of Research and Policy, Carl Cullinane, unpicks today’s new polling on private tuition and looks at what can be done so all pupils get the additional support they need, regardless of their background.

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Moving the dial on contextual admissions

Laura Bruce, Head of Programmes and Carl Cullinane, Acting Head of Research and Policy pick out three key issues preventing contextual admissions – giving low-income pupils a grade-break - from delivering on fair access.

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Culture Club

Acting Head of Research and Policy Carl Cullinane unpicks the findings of our latest report, Parent Power, and how cultural capital can make a difference to a child's education.

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Beyond expectations

Acting Head of Research and Policy Carl Cullinane unpicks the trends from today's new polling released on A level results day.

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Best in Class 2018 Blog

Research Manager Carl Cullinane reports on key discussion points from the Best in Class 2018 summit hosted in partnership with Carnegie Corporation.

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Aspirations and access

Carl Cullinane on what this week’s new Sutton Trust/Ipsos MORI polling of school pupils could tell us about future university access.

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Academy Advancement?

Carl Cullinane considers the lessons from the fourth Chain Effects report on sponsored academies, arguing more needs to be done to make them agents of social change.

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