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Can you give me advice regarding schools for my child?

We are unable to offer advice to individuals on matters concerning schools choice. The following websites are a good source of information: the Good Schools Guide and the Independent Schools Council.

I have a gifted child. Can you help?

The Sutton Trust funds programmes which benefit very able children.These programmes are often run by the organisations we fund and as such recruitment is carried out by our partners. Although The Sutton Trust is not an advisory body for gifted young people, we are interested in their wellbeing. The following are useful contacts if you have a talented child, and would like advice on their future education:

Your Local Education Authority should have a gifted and talented coordinator who may offer you some advice on local provision. For more information, please refer to the

I have a very bright child who has been award a place at an independent school, can you help with their schools fees?

We are unable to provide funding for individuals, including all types of schools fees.