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What is the Sutton Trust?

The Sutton Trust was founded in 1997 by Sir Peter Lampl to improve social mobility through education. It has funded a wide range of access programmes in early years, school and university settings, with a focus on research, policy and innovative practical projects with a system-wide relevance.

What are the Trust’s aims?

The Trust works to improve social mobility by addressing educational inequality and preventing the subsequent waste of talent. It is particularly concerned with breaking the link between educational opportunities and family background, and in realising a system in which young people are given the chance to prosper, regardless of their family background, school or neighbourhood.

In what areas do you work?

The Sutton Trust works to improve social mobility. We work at all phases of the education cycle, and have funded research and programmes in the early years, in primary and secondary school, and in further and higher education. Our focus for older students is on those of high ability from low and middle income backgrounds.

It is only by understanding the root causes of educational inequalities that the Trust can identify and promote effective solutions to combating them, so research is an important and growing part of our work. Our scope in this area is broad, ranging from early years to university access, and reflects the varied obstacles facing young people from non-privileged backgrounds. Some research is conducted in house in response to specific issues or events, while other projects – particularly more in-depth and specialist studies – are commissioned from external bodies, expert in the relevant field.

Where should media enquiries be directed?

If you are a journalist and wish to find out more about the work of the Trust please call Hilary Cornwell on 020 7802 1660 or email media@suttontrust.com. For non-media enquiries please email info@suttontrust.com