Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-05-17T16:10:41+01:00
Does the Sutton Trust support individual campaigns?2017-07-24T15:43:29+01:00

Our policy work spans across many different areas therefore we cannot take up additional individual campaigns.

I have an issue with local education provision and would like some advice?2017-07-24T15:34:50+01:00

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide advice in individual cases however we have listed a few resources below that may be able to help you.

Speak to your MP

Members of Parliament are there to represent you, to take up your case and give advice. They have the power to liaise with local government and national government departments.

You can use this website to find out who represents you, searching by your postcode:

Citizens Advice

Citizens’ Advice is a great resource for information and support. It is free, confidential and independent:

How do I support the Trust?2017-07-24T15:37:40+01:00

Thank you for your interest in supporting us.

Please visit the Support Us page, which has details on who to contact and the various ways you can support our charity.

Who do I talk to if I have a media enquiry?2017-07-24T15:43:01+01:00

If you are a journalist and wish to find out more about the work of the Trust or have a question about our research please email [email protected] or call Hilary Cornwell, our Media and Communications Manager on 020 7802 1660. If you are not a journalist, please use [email protected] for any other queries. Please remember to include full contact details – telephone number and your full email address – in any email.

What if I would like to cite Sutton Trust research?2017-07-24T15:36:32+01:00

If you are from a publishing company or part of a profit-making venture, please contact us. If you are looking to cite a piece of research for academic or school work please do so correctly referencing the Trust.

How does the Sutton Trust commission research?2017-07-24T15:35:58+01:00

We work with a combination of external academics and our in-house research team. Our programme of research is developed internally on an annual basis, considering recent and future trends in evidence and policy, according to our organisational priorities. Unfortunately, we do not consider unsolicited proposals.

What are the Sutton Trust’s programmes?2017-09-01T11:17:04+01:00

The Sutton Trust partners with a range of universities and organisations to run a range of programmes for highly able UK state school students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The programmes cater for students at different stages of their learning from early years up to undergraduate level.

For information on each programme, how to register your interest, and how to make an application please go to our programmes page.

What programmes do you currently run?2017-07-24T15:40:45+01:00

We run a variety of programmes:

The UK Summer School Programme, The US Summer School Programme, Pathways to Banking, Pathways to STEM, Pathways to Coding, Pathways to Law, Pathways Plus, Sutton Scholars and the Parental Engagement Fund. Please visit our programmes page for more details.

I run a project that you might be interested in, who should I contact?2017-09-01T11:15:39+01:00

Currently we are not accepting unsolicited proposals to partner with other organisations. However, if you are looking to develop a programme or project, you may want to engage with our sister charity, the Education Endowment Foundation.

Can you provide funding for an individual student’s studies?2017-07-24T15:41:12+01:00

The Sutton Trust is not a grant making charity and we cannot provide funding for individuals. However this website may help you find financial support.

I would like to volunteer my time to support one of the Sutton Trust’s programmes?2017-09-01T11:16:12+01:00

Thank you very much for offering your valuable time to the Sutton Trust’s cause. Recruitment for specific programmes is arranged through our partners. If your company is looking to offer placements for one of our Pathways programmes, please contact Claire Maton.

You may also be interested in other organisations who offer volunteering opportunities, such as: The Princes Trust, Think Forward, vInspired, Do-it and TimeBank.


Can you advise on social mobility measures?2017-06-05T14:40:44+01:00

It is difficult for us to provide advice on complex criteria for different organisations. However we suggest that you look at our UK summer school website and the eligibility criteria. This is the criteria we use for all our programmes.