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Improving poor teachers would transform england’s education performance to be among the best in the world

English schools could improve their low position in international league tables in Reading and Mathematics and become one of the top five education performers in the world within 10 years if the performance of the country’s least effective teachers was brought up to the national average according to new research published today by the Sutton Trust.

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Private tuition booms despite recession

Nearly a quarter (23%) of schoolchildren aged 11-16 in England and Wales have received some private or home tuition according to the latest survey of 2739 students commissioned by the Sutton Trust and carried out by Ipsos MORI earlier this year.

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Poor children, not teachers, should have priority in school admissions

Children from poor backgrounds should have priority in school admissions and should be the main children to benefit when successful schools expand, says the Sutton Trust in its response to the Government’s proposals on changes to the admissions code. It does not think schools should give preference to children of their own teachers.

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Less than 10% of teachers think government school reforms will improve outcomes for less privileged children

Less than one in ten teachers think the Coalition Government’s school reforms introducing more academies and establishing free schools will help improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children, a major survey of teachers has found. The majority of teachers also fear that moves to provide more freedom for schools will lead to greater social segregation across the education system.

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