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Decline in advice and guidance at school

The provision of advice and guidance for teenagers at school has plummeted over the last 12 years suggests a major survey commissioned by the Sutton Trust. The decline comes despite a growing need for students, particularly those from non-privileged backgrounds, to be guided through the increasingly varied and complex educational options now on offer, and the limited careers choices open to them in an economic recession.

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Four in ten top scholars privately educated

Forty-two percent of the UK's top scientists and scholars were educated in independent schools - and the dominance of the sector looks set to continue into the next generation, according to the latest report from the Sutton Trust looking at leading figures in British society.

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Britons more pessimistic about social mobility

The British public are becoming increasingly pessimistic about opportunities for social mobility and three quarters believe the current economic recession will limit chances for upward mobility, according to the latest poll from the Sutton Trust.

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Over two-fifths (43%) of young people in London reported having received private tuition in some form during their school years, an increase from 36% in 2005. The finding comes from a survey of 2,447 11-16 year old students in state schools by Ipsos MORI, which revealed that the proportions of students taking private tuition has increased in five years from 18% to 22% nationally.

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Expand Teach First to Primary Schools

The Teach First scheme should be extended to primary schools to attract high calibre graduates into those schools serving poor areas, according to a joint report from the Sutton Trust and the National Education Trust, published today.

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