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Academies need to collaborate more with neighbouring schools

Academies are not doing enough to work with other schools in their neighbourhoods and so are not fulfilling one of their original objectives according to a report published today by the Institute of Education, University of London, which was confirmed last week as the leading centre for educational research in the UK.

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First ever study on psychological effects of buggies reveals life in a 21st century baby buggy can be emotionally isolated and language poor

The most popular style of baby buggies – those that face away from the pusher – may be undermining children's development. Children in such buggies are significantly less likely to talk, laugh, and interact with their parents, than are those in buggies that face the pusher, according to the first ever research study on the psychological effects of buggies on babies.

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Non-grammars are most socially selective state schools

The vast majority of England's most socially selective state secondary schools are non-grammar schools, a major review carried out for the Sutton Trust reveals today. However, England's remaining grammar schools are currently enrolling half as many academically able children from disadvantaged backgrounds as they could do.

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Wage gap too large – say three out of four Britons

Nearly three out of four people (74%) think that income differences in Britain are too large and seven in ten (69%) believe that parents’ income plays too big a part in determining children’s life chances, according to the first survey of attitudes to inequality and social mobility commissioned by the Sutton Trust.

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University aspirations highest for five years

Nearly three out of four young people say they are likely to go into higher education – the highest for five years - and fewer are being deterred from university by worries over debt, according to the latest Ipsos MORI poll of student intentions published today by the Sutton Trust.

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