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Our research

The Sutton Trust has produced and commissioned over 170 pieces of research on policy and practice across the broad and complex area of social mobility – from the early years through to university access – reflecting the varied obstacles facing young people from non-privileged backgrounds.

Our research has produced some astonishing statistics which reveal the current state of low social mobility in the UK and the disproportionate representation of the most affluent independent school students in top universities and professions. In this way, our research informs government, educational practitioners and policy-makers, helping to shape education and employment policy and practice.

Latest research and some from the archive

Teachers’ Oxbridge perceptions polling

Polling of teachers for the Sutton Trust by NFER shows how state school teachers perceive Oxford and Cambridge universities, and their willingness to advise their highest attaining students to apply to them.   Read more>>>

Oxbridge admissions (2016)

The research brief looks at undergraduate admissions to Oxford and Cambridge, particularly from a widening participation perspective.   Read more>>>

Degree of Success – University Chances by Individual Schools (2011)

This report accompanies the first publication of statistics for higher education destinations for individual schools with sixth forms and colleges in England. Read more>>>

The Missing 3000 – State Schools Under-Represented at Leading Universities (2004)

A major analysis of university access by the Sutton Trust based on figures generated by the Higher Education Funding Council. Read more>>>