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Pathways to STEM, which is kindly supported by the Kusuma Trust UK, has been established to widen access to STEM degrees and the wide range of careers they open up. The Pathways to STEM programme supports academically able low and middle-income state school students to access the most selective STEM university courses and provide them with the foundation for a STEM career through the development of soft skills, a work placement, careers advice and a mentor. Research by the Sutton Trust has identified a strong demand for skills in STEM areas, excellent and growing career prospects and a significant under- representation of those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds at entry and higher levels.

Pathways to STEM includes a range of sessions for students, parents and teachers, including tailored education and careers advice; academic classes in STEM subjects; sessions to develop non-academic skills; a residential summer school; a work experience placement in a relevant STEM setting; assignment of a mentor; and a graduation event for students and parents. Pathways to STEM will work with students in Years 10 and 11 to provide advice on key decisions and help with the step-up to A-level study, before also supporting them in Years 12 and 13. The programme is run through our university partners, Nottingham and York.