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Camilla Turner quoted Sir Peter Lampl in her Daily Telegraph report on HESA data on university access Oxford University accepts fewer state school students – bucking the national trend – as critics say that unconscious bias of admission tutors continues to hinder progress. While universities across the country have increased the proportion undergraduates who are… Read more »

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Esme Winch cited our recent university aspirations polling in a Daily Telegraph op-ed on appprenticeships As A-level results day approaches, the debate about post-18 education options has been reignited. Mounting levels of student debt has made university less attractive to many young people than it was 10 years ago. A poll by the Sutton Trust… Read more »

Theresa May approaches number 10

The state school Cabinet

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Peter Dominiczak, Christopher Hope and John Bingham comment on the Sutton Trust’s analysis of Theresa May’s new cabinet on page 1 of The Telegraph. Theresa May on Thursday unveiled a Cabinet with more state educated ministers than any previous Conservative government. The new Prime Minister’s Cabinet is 70 per cent state educated, with Justine Greening on Thursday… Read more »

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 05: Pupils at Williamwood High School attend a math class on February 5, 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland. As the UK gears up for one of the most hotly contested general elections in recent history it is expected that that the economy, immigration, the NHS and education are likely to form the basis of many of the debates. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Javier Espinoza reported on Believing in Better for the Daily Telegraph Girls leave boys behind at school because they are already focused on higher education by the age of 13, an Oxford University study has found. The gender gap in attitudes is attributable to biological differences, which mean that girls mature earlier, according to experts… Read more »


Javier Espinoza reported on the Sutton Trust Degrees of Debt research for the Daily Telegraph English graduates are facing the highest debt levels in the English-speaking world, higher than the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, according to new research. Those who graduated from English universities last year – under the £9,000 fees regime –… Read more »


Graduates from wealthy homes are better paid

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Josie Gurney-Read quoted the Sutton Trust in her Daily Telegraph report on new IFS research on graduate earnings Graduates from wealthy backgrounds earn thousands more than peers from poorer households despite studying the same degrees at the same universities, a major new report has found. According to the research, students who come from the richest… Read more »


The Telegraph cites Sutton Trust research in a piece on accessing leading professions without a degree. Last year, education foundation, the Sutton Trust, published some encouraging statistics. According to researchers, the best apprentices – those with a level 5 qualification – could earn £50,000 more in their lifetime than someone with an undergraduate degree from a university outside… Read more »


Study abroad: The world is your classroom

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Cristina Criddle cites Sutton Trust/IFS data on student debt in the Daily Telegraph After thumbing through countless prospectuses, working out predicted A-levels and totting up the price of university, British students are picking up their passports and searching farther afield for an education. Since 2010, there has been an explosion in English-taught degree programmes in… Read more »


Javier Espinoza covered the Sutton Trust/Carnegie summit for the Daily Telegraph. We need “battle-axes” for teachers to improve state schools, Ofsted’s chief inspector has said, as he warned that student teachers were put off by “sloppy, scrappy” pupils. Sir Michael Wilshaw argued that bright young teachers were also being put off the profession by poor… Read more »