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Ruth Davidson MSP (Leader of the Conservative Party) opened First Minister’s Questions with a question on our Global Gaps report. The report discussion lasted for the first 10 minutes with Kezia Dugdale MSP (Leader of the Scottish Labour Party) then also using her opening question to ask the First Minister about our report. Davidson used the report… Read more »

Justine Greening

The Sutton Trust has responded to the Government’s education green paper, ‘Schools that work for everyone’, drawing on our new research ‘Gaps in Grammar’ which addresses the Government’s argument that grammar schools benefit disadvantaged and highly able students and improve the whole education system overall. The key points in our submission are below (the full response… Read more »


November was a busy month for the Sutton Trust with lots of parliamentary activities centered on education and social mobility. As well as the scheduled Education Oral Questions, the second reading of the Technical and Further Education Bill and several Westminster Hall debates on schools admissions, schools funding and apprenticeships funding, there was also the… Read more »


Sutton Trust influences grammar schools debate

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The Sutton Trust has been mentioned throughout the debates in parliament on the government’s grammar schools policy and proposals for “schools that work for everyone”. The Education Secretary Justine Greening said that the government are looking at whether they want to allow grammar schools to expand in order to spread choice and encourage grammar schools… Read more »

Theresa May

The Prime Minister Theresa May gave her first major domestic policy speech on Friday 9th September, mentioning the Sutton Trust’s pioneering work through the Open Access scheme with Belvedere College as an example of a good independent school sector initiative. The speech was most notable for an intention to expand grammar schools as part of… Read more »

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The Committee Stage of the Higher Education Bill began in the House of Commons this month, scrutinising the Bill clause by clause. The Sutton Trust was mentioned by Conservative MP Ben Howlett who brought up the Scottish research to infer that tuition fees increase access into higher education by removing a cap on places. Shadow… Read more »


During the Education Committee’s inquiry into MATS , the Sutton Trust’s Chain Effects lead author Professor Merryn Hutchings gave evidence to the committee alongside the Education Policy Institute’s Natalie Perrera, the NFER’s Karen Wespieser, and Dr Melanie Ehren from UCL. Professor Hutchings said that while “some chains do appear to have transformed the chances of their… Read more »


Social Mobility APPG Access into Leading Professions Inquiry Session Two: Access into Medicine Tuesday, 24 May 2016 from 15:00 to 17:00 Committee Room 11, House of Commons Panel 1 – Access into Medical School Katie Petty-Saphon, Chief Executive of the Medical Schools Council Professor Ged Byrne, Director of Education and Quality, Health Education England Dr… Read more »


Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood, and a champion of the Sutton Trust and Social Mobility APPG’s inquiry into access into leading professions, raised her role with the Sutton Trust in oral Business Innovation and Skills questions this week. Andrea asked: I am a champion of the Sutton Trust and the inquiry by the… Read more »