Open-minded UK students explore US universities

This summer, Ben Wohl, an undergraduate at Haverford College in Pennsylvania is interning for the US-UK Fulbright Commission in London and working on the Sutton Trust US Summer School Programme. Here he enthuses about his second residential with the students.

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Why not have premium rewards too?

Conor Ryan welcomes increased pupil premium accountability, but wonders why ministers don’t also reward schools that successfully deliver for their disadvantaged pupils.

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Jeremy Hodgen: We need maths to age 18 now

The research that we publish today, funded by the Sutton Trust, “The employment equation: Why our young people need more maths for today’s jobs”, shows why it’s important to study maths beyond 16.

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Ten lessons for UK education

Lee Elliot Major blogs on ten lessons for the UK from a special Sutton Trust seminar with OECD education lead Andreas Schleicher.

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Enabling the able

James Turner asks how can non-selective state schools support their brightest students.

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