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Can I apply for funding?

The Trust takes a proactive approach to the work it wishes to support and tends to develop programmes itself, contacting the organisations it wants to partner with. The vast majority of unsolicited proposals we receive are unsuccessful. We are however willing to consider exceptional proposals which fit closely with our specific areas of interest.

Where can I get a grant application form?

We don’t have a formal application form. If you feel your organisation has a programme which might interest us, please first complete a funding enquiry on the Contact Us page, including a couple of paragraphs describing your idea. If the idea is in line with our current priorities you may be asked to submit a brief proposal.

Please refer to the Programmes we have funded section to get an idea of the sort of programmes we fund.

When is it best to apply?

There are no deadlines for applications. Our Board meet throughout the year. However, when considering your programme timetable, please ensure that we receive your application in good time, as decisions can take months rather than weeks.

Do you fund individuals?

No, the Sutton Trust has a strict policy of not funding individuals. This includes any type of fees, including school/university fees, money for musical instruments, books or other materials for your child’s education, post-graduate study, gap year or holiday activities and medical sabbaticals.

I have a very bright child who has been award a place at an independent school, can you help with their schools fees?

We are unable to provide funding for individuals, including all types of schools fees.

Do you fund extra-curricular activities?

The Sutton Trust tends to fund projects in a formal education setting. We do not fund arts or sports projects, including outward bound schemes, Duke of Edinburgh awards, bands and orchestras, art and theatre productions, or school trips in the UK or abroad. We do not, however, fund general school trips, even subject-specific, or pay costs towards students attending university open days.

Will you give money for refurbishing buildings or upgrading facilities?

We do not fund capital projects or general appeals. This includes building work, equipment costs e.g. IT equipment, minibuses, books or other materials.

Does the Trust pay for community work?

The Sutton Trust is an educational charity rather than a children’s charity. This means that we will not pay for day trips, youth centres, drug or health advice, or other related outreach work.

Do you fund projects based outside the UK or involving overseas students?

The Sutton Trust will only fund projects based in the UK. Young people naturalised to the UK, or with refugee status can be included in any projects which fall under our guidelines, but we do not fund projects for students visiting from abroad.